Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30, 2015

It was my first patrol in the hot weather and I was psyched.  I noticed some lights up by the street.  I knew a route to go around and investigate.  When I asked witnesses, they responded with that it was a medical issue.  The reason for the concern was there was an event I found out earlier in the day.  Next, I walked by & I managed to get more comfortable with my surroundings & my own skin.  I managed to get more of my toes in the park area.  I made a mistake of run with my cane in the down position, but it was due to not scare someone next to me.  Irony.  As well, i noticed some bicycles up by a liquor store parked as if they were cars.  i crossed to investigate.  i turned out it was some kids with an iPod, nothing to investigate further.  As I crossed, a rottweiler came up & jumped at the fence near the same sidewalk I was at.  i jumped but remained calm.  Fortunately, the owners came and control the dog; me, I was just embarrassed.  Especially when the three kids from earlier came up again on their bicycles.  i managed to talk to the fellow citizens.  I am getting better.,  i noticed a traffic stop, but it turned out to be for a down headlight.  Nothing so far.  I also noticed a gathering upon by a business.  Nothing to hold much to, especially when I don't want to jump to conclusions if I was wrong.  I maybe getting comfortable, but I am not crazy.  But I am getting better at this fast.  Only a matter of time.